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How to Update a Column Value from Another Table

While working with SQL Table and queries most of the time we have to face this scenario to create or update a table with another table values. So I am going to demonstrate a simple example here.

I have a table1 which has following structure.

ID | Name | State
1 | Ap | Delhi
2 | Sb | Mumbai
3 | Vb | Chennai

Now I have another table2 which has following structure.

ID | Name | Address
1 | NULL | D-192, Delhi
2 | NULL | C-567, Mumbai

I would like to get updated table2 column Name from table1 column Name. Please note that I should have relationship between both table and in the above table we have common column ID which can be used to create relationship between tables.

UPDATE table2
SET T2.Name= T1.Name
FROM table2 T2
INNER JOIN table1 T1 on T1.ID=T2.ID;

It will update the table and following will be the output:

ID | Name | Address
1 | Ap | D-192, Delhi
2 | Sb | C-567, Mumbai


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