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Evolution of Latest Technology

The word “technology” is the study of tools and techniques. This term refers to everything that can be said several specific historical period son the state of the art in all areas of life skills and use of tools. It thus includes art, craft, crafts, applied science and possibly knowledge. By extension it can also refer to systems or methods of organization that allow such technology, and all fields of study and the resulting products. Technology affects the man as well as other significant species ways and ability to control and adapt to their natural environment. The use of technology by the human species begins with the development of natural resources into simple tools.

The usage of latest technology

The world of computers, telecommunication, televisions, the internet and all other audio and visual media is facing rapid and radical changes presently. This has generated new opportunities in the field of education, communication, commerce, agriculture, health care, entertainment and more particularly, the service sector. The latest technology comprises computers, telecommunications, televisions, audio-visual media, development of software etc. The present day elegance, accuracy, sophistication, efficiency could have been made possible only with the invention of new technologies. Computer software are gradually becoming a decisive force in making important decisions. It has become the basis of modern scientific and technological inventions and researches. The use of software has penetrated in every walk of life, be it transportation, Medicare,  telecommunications, defence, industrial processing, entertainment, office utilities, space research, environmental predictions, and so on, with endless list.

The Information Technology is classified into two major components:

  • Hardware
  • Software

Hardware means the physical parts, which can be touched and are used to run the software. Software is a set of instructions that directs the computer to process information.

Types of Programming languages used in information technology


Microsoft has developed a new NET development platform called .NET.  This environment is fully controlled by several internal developers. This particular experience allows us to have a real advisory role before the project while assisting you in achieving your functional specifications.


Java is an object-oriented programing language created by James Gosling and Patrick Naughton, both employees of Sun Micro systems, along with the help of Bill Joy who was a co-founder of Sun Micro systems. It was officially presented on 23 May 1995 Sun World.

The Java largely reflects the syntax of C + + language, widely used by the computer. However, Java was stripped of the more subtle concepts of C + + and at the same time the most confusing, such as pointers, and multiple inheritance replaced by implementing interfaces. The designers have been so privileged in Java; everything is an object except for primitive types like integers, floating point numbers, etc.

Java allows you to develop client-server applications. Java has emerged in the middle of the company through the servlets for the server side applets, and more recently the JavaServer Pages (JSP), which can replace PHP, ASP and ASP.NET. The Java can be used to create two types of programs such as Applications and Applets.


The PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 for its website. It was originally a software library in Perl which he used to keep track of visitors who came to see his resume.

PHP is widely used for web development. This language has a large community of developers and a large number of features available.It is the language of blogs like WordPress, the e-commerce PrestaShop, Magento and bone-commerce as well as the main CMS solutions.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, better known by its acronym PHP is a scripting language libre4 mainly used to produce dynamic web pages via a HTTP3 server, but can also function as any language interpreted locally, by running the program from the command line.

PHP developed throughthe programming language C, whose syntax is very similar to C. In particular, its syntax and structure are similar to those of Java and Perl languages, except that PHP code can be easily mixed with the HTML code in a PHP file.


HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language 5) is the next major revision of HTML.  HTML5 specifies two abstract syntax of a model defined in terms of DOM: HTML5 and XHTML5.

The language also includes an application layer with many APIs, and an algorithm in. The work was taken up by the W3C in March 2007 after being launched by the WHATWG. The two organizations are working in parallel on the same document in order to maintain a single version of the technology.

These latest technologies can contribute tremendously in the economic development. These can become a prudent tool in integrating the nation.Recent advancement in the technologies has transformed every facet of human life and revolutionised the world as never before witnessed in known human history. Latest technology is growing faster and faster. But we should not simply use it as a way for making money quickly.We should use it for the purpose of improving the condition of life of peoples.

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