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How to Get Unique Item with Latest Date of Entry

Situation is, I have a table which contains multiple records of a item but with different date. For example, I have table of workers which contains the Id, Name, WorkingDay column similar to below table: ID NAME WorkingDay 1 VJ 15-Mar-2012 2 AP 15-Mar-2012 3 TS 15-Mar-2012 1 VJ 16-Mar-2012 2 AP 17-Mar-2012 I want […]

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How to Update a Column Value from Another Table

While working with SQL Table and queries most of the time we have to face this scenario to create or update a table with another table values. So I am going to demonstrate a simple example here. I have a table1 which has following structure. ID | Name | State =================== 1 | Ap | […]

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How to Load XML file into SQL Temporary Table

Well, this is very interesting! We can load complete XML file into SQL table and Add/Update records for the table. It was not easy earlier as it seems to be iterating all the nodes picked the value and then insert into table hu! really tough Job. I will explain you how you can load XML […]

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Bind Combo-Box Control with IList – Simple Example

Data binding for the WPF controls same as the WF controls little bit difference with binding option. //Code behind. //Create IList for the object. IList listObject = new List(); //Add item to IList. ObjectList item = new ObjectList(); item.Name = “A”; item.Value = 1; listObject.Add(item); //Bind IList to control. cmbControlName.ItemsSource = listObject; cmbControlName.DisplayMemberPath = “Name”; […]

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How to Copy Entire DataTable Row to Another DataTable?

Whenever we do play with the DataSet or DataTable.  We always need solution to copy entire row from one table to another table. It’s very easy in another way by creating new object of data table and set each column value from another row column. I wondered if both objects (data rows) have same set […]

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How to Get Virtual Path?

When we work with ASP.Net application with Visual Studio, you will note that when you run  your application it will use the folder name with the server name ie(http://localhost/Webapplicationname/) and then the file which you are executing in the address bar of your browser. I think every developer face this issue when he try to […]

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